Fabrication Of Air-Stable 2D Magnetic Semiconductors

The researchers developed unique ultrathin cobalt ferrite nanosheets with Curie temperature of over 390 K resulting in magnificent for use in a room-temperature magnetic semiconductor

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Cobalt ferrite nanosheets display exceptional semiconducting characteristics and exhibit strong switchable activity, this makes it appropriate for application in producing a room-temperature magnetic semiconductor. The researchers invented cobalt ferrite nanosheets with one unit cell size and implemented the stable-confined van der Waals deposition technique and resulting in a unique blend of room-temperature ferromagnetism characteristics for a magnetic semiconductor. This research makes ways for new possibilities such as electromagnetic sensing and data storage.

Since only a few studies exist on developing a 2D magnetic semiconductor with Curie temperatures greater than ambient temperature. This recent study published in the journal Nature Communications sheds light on the fabrication of air-stable semiconductive cobalt ferrite nanosheets with thicknesses as low as one unit cell through a simple chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique. The two-dimensional (2D) materials provide unique features with remarkable efficiency and extremely thin thickness that can span practically all electrical phases and functions in crystalline materials. The 2D magnetic order is linked with the substantial inherent spin fluctuations that can be traced in atomic scale thin layers of several 2D materials.

This research will display the capabilities of the van der Waals deposition technique in ultrathin ferrite nanosheets and shows that by altering the growth conditions. The development of a unique room-temperature 2D magnetic semiconductor will enhance the current 2D material choices and would in turn broaden their application potential

Click here for the Published Research Paper

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