Torex Semiconductor XC6810 Linear Charger IC for Li-ion Batteries

Torex Semiconductor XC6810 Linear Charger IC for Li-ion Batteries comes in an ultra-small (1.17mm x 1.57mm x 0.33mm) WLP-12-01 package that is compatible with wireless charging and contact power supplies. The charging current (1mA to 25mA) provides a wide 3.8V to 4.4V charging voltage range. The XC6810 components are equipped with a shutdown function to suppress battery discharge when stored or not in use and a wake-up function using an external push button, extending the life of batteries and devices. This IC is equipped with a battery voltage monitoring function, which can directly monitor the battery voltage through a microcontroller or a low battery voltage notification function. The Torex Semiconductor XC6810 Linear Charger IC supports wireless power and energy harvester charging such as solar and wearables, hearables, or IoT devices.


  • WLP-12-01 (1.17mm x 1.57mm x 0.33mm) package
  •  Functions
    • Shutdown, wake-up
    • Battery voltage monitor or battery low voltage notification
    • OUT line switch interlocked by UVLO, charge enable
    • Battery temperature monitor
    • Current path/input current limit
  • Protections
    • Battery over-discharge
    • Output short
    • Thermal control
    • Reverse current
    • Safty timer of charging
    • UVLO
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant


  • 3.5V to 28V input range
  • 3.80V to 4.40V charge voltage in 0.05V increments
  • 1mA to 25mA charge current set by an external resistor
  • 110mA input current limit
  • 10nA typical BAT sink current at shutdown
  • -40°C to 85°C operating ambient temperature range

Application Diagram

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