18 Different Types of Food Bowls

There are many ways to enjoy food bowls; some have developed unique ways of cooking. This article features different types of food bowls worth trying.

A bowl, a bowl, what is a bowl? It’s a container that contains food, right?  Why is there all this fascination with food bowls anyways? You may have noted that many restaurants serving all types of cuisine have even started serving their main dishes in a bowl.

From breakfast to dinner and every snack in between, food bowls seem to decorate tables everywhere.

There’s no denying that a layout of bowls of all different sizes containing an array of colorful food is visually pleasing. Perhaps, if you’re in search of a way to make your food look more aesthetically pleasing, you should consider serving your food in a bowl. Food bowls may be great to show off on your Instagram page too.

Capture the food, the bowl, and the whole gamut of emotions attached to serving a meal that tastes as good as it looks.

1. Nothing says hearty, warm, and oh-so comforting better than a soup bowl (and there are so many to choose from!)

A bowl of tomato soup and spices.

Coupe soup bowls are just one type of soup bowl that may either be deep a soup bowl with a smaller diameter or have larger diameters but be shallow similar to soup plates. The coupe soup bowl since it doesn’t align with any specific shape is quite an attractive soup bowl that makes the soup being served look all the more rich and creamy. 

However, coupe soup bowls are not the type of bowl you can lift off the table and drink the soup from. For this, you would need lug bowls that have handles on either side, allowing you to enjoy a cup of soup.  Coupe bowls, however, are here to stay as they make the table all the more pleasing when laid out on the table.

A bowl of onion soup and a chop board.

These lug bowls are also known as onion soup bowls but they’re not only meant to serve up onion soup. A creamy butternut soup with hints of coconut cream can also be served most graciously in these lug bowls.

As mentioned in a previous article on bowls, using a bowl for food makes the food seem slightly more fragrant than when you use a plate to serve the food. Psychologically there are many perks to using food bowls too.

3. If not in favor of the lug soup bowl or the coupe soup bowl perhaps settle on a soup plate?

While the name suggests that these soup dishes are plates, they are actually curved all-around much like a soup bowl. These soup plates are fancy and meant to be used specifically for special occasions mostly.

4. You don’t need to be from Japan to enjoy rice as the Japanese do in a cute little rice bowl.

Japanese bowl of pork cutlet with broccoli.

Rice bowls are decorative and cute, to say the least. They are well-suited for their purpose of containing a side dish of rice. If you’re going to appreciate this trend that was introduced by the Japanese, do so by purchasing a set of traditional Japanese rice bowls. 

The Sakai Pottery range of Japanese rice bowls in particular has no lead in them so it may just be the perfect choice for your table.

5. It’s never too late or too early in the day for a bowl of cereal. Coco Pops anyone?

There are many ranges of cereal bowls including reusable, lightweight, and straw fiber ones. But, why should you buy a special cereal bowl? Because these bowls are structured to be wider so as to accommodate the cereal of your choice, milk, as well as all the fruit pieces and nuts that you would like to enjoy with your cereal.

If you enjoy your cereal warm, make sure that you get a cereal bowl that can be placed in the microwave and handle high temperatures.

6. Whether it’s for a Waldorf salad or a crunchy summer salad that has your heart, a great salad bowl is the best way to lay out your vegetables and fruit in a way that is appealing and tempting enough to eat!

A bowl of fresh fruit salad.

There’s nothing like a decorative bowl of fruit and vegetables to make you crave a healthy bowl of salad. While there’s no justification for the American obsession with wooden salad bowls,  most salad bowls are actually wooden. While you can also use a ceramic bowl or steel bowl for salad, there’s something rustic and aesthetically satisfying about using a wooden bowl instead.

7. You may slurp it, twirl it, gulp it down, or simply just swallow it, but the fun of having pasta is in the presentation.

Bowls of potato and carrots soup with bread.

The earthenware style of most pasta bowls is undeniably attractive, to say the least. When you lay your pasta on a pasta bowl, you get a feel for the satisfying meal that you will devour. Irrespective of whether you are placing penne pasta, fettuccini, or pasta shells on the bowl, the pasta bowl makes every meal look satisfying.

8. From side dips to small snacks, smaller bowls are incredibly versatile.

If you’re setting a fancy table, your dishes need to follow suit. Don’t forget to grab some bowls for the dip as well. While dip tastes great, it never looks great after you dip your chips in it. So choosing the right bowl for dips can make a world of difference in making your dip look that much better no matter how many times you return to it.

9. Some bowls are just perfect for mixing an amalgamation of ingredients together.

Some bowls are not meant to present the food in an attractive way. There are some bowls that are meant solely for the purpose of mixing ingredients together and the best type of bowl that you can use for this purpose is a stainless steel mixing bowl. You may not serve your food or salads in these bowls but they’re great for mixing food in the preparation stage of cooking.

10. Do you have the right type of bowl to serve your sensational Crème Brule? If you don’t, buy some ramekins.

Crème Brule with fresh berries in a bowl.

The right bowl for a flop-proof Crème Brule is called a ramekin. Ramekins are bowls that are rather small but perfect for a serving of Crème Brule for one.

11. Sweet tooth or not, everyone likes to indulge in a dessert or two. For those sinful cravings, you need a dessert bowl that is just as seductive.

The dessert bowl is often one that is made of glass. It contains the dessert in a way that makes it much more attractive and worth enjoying. Irrespective of whether your dessert is sticky or sweet, these bowls will make them the best possible treat.

12. Display your fresh fruit in a special bowl of choice so you can reach for it every time you need a healthy snack.

Special bowl of fruit salad with grapes and oranges.

Fruit bowls are often made from glass with specially designed patterns on them and a beautifully designed fruit bowl looks complete even if there is just one type of fruit in it. Make a statement with a modern fruit bowl or do something completely different with a ceramic fruit bowl.

13. Have some whimsical fun with a sweet bowl that is odd, strange, and out of the ordinary. 

A sweet bowl is the best way to make your favorite candies accessible so you can tickle your sweet fancies any time you feel like it. The sweet bowl on your dining room table can play the role of a centerpiece as well, to attract the attention of anyone who sees it. When picking a sweet bowl, try to choose one that is whimsical and rather fun in shape, style, size, and design.

14. To smoothie or not to smoothie?

These natural bowls are great for single servings of those Insta-ready smoothies and they’ll definitely impress your guests. The coconut smoothie bowls you see all over Instagram are all-natural, biodegradable, and easy to clean.

15. Have your noodles and eat them with a dedicated noodle bowl.

A bowl of Korean ramen with egg and pork cutlet.

The fascination with bowls can be traced back to Korean restaurants. In these restaurants, food is often served in stainless steel bowls or even plastic ones that have a ceramic look. According to author Joo Young, Koreans enjoy the visual satisfaction that they get when their food is well spread on the table and there’s no better way to do that than with a bowl. 

If you’re into the Korean noodle trend that’s taking the world by storm, then there’s no better way to enjoy an authentic Asian experience than with a real noodle bowl. Noodle bowls are small enough to contain the right serving of noodles for a single person, and they’re attractive enough to cause a stir when placed on your dining room table.

16. Ramen bowls for all Asian dishes including noodles and pho. 

A bowl of Japanese ramen and chopstick.

Bao bowl or not, the selection of Asian foods that you have at your disposal today is plenty. So, you must also be spoilt for choice when it comes to the dishes you use to enjoy these Asian delicacies. Ramen bowls are versatile and come along with chopsticks which is great value for money.

17. The food prep bowl is one of a chef’s secret weapons.

Proper preparation of food is vital. These preparation bowls make meal prepping fun and easy. Using the right type of bowls for food prep is important because you can also use these same bowls to store your food thereafter.

18. For popcorn, pretzels, and other party snacks, you’ll need to select the right kind of bowl too. 

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to selecting the right kind of bowls for your light snacks. From crisps to marshmallows, acrylic bowls really come in handy. To make the display of a party treat better than expected, you can use this type of bowl, and remember, the layout is everything when placing snacks in these bowls.

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