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Everybody is becoming acutely aware of the need for sustainable living. Being eco-friendly is now a major consideration in the kitchen. There is also a trend towards the use of raw materials and natural colour schemes. Blues have been on-trend now for a while, and this will continue through 2022 and beyond. Now earthy purples, dark greens and marine shades look set to come to the fore. Emerald green is hotly tipped to become the big mover and shaker in the colour world this year. As a sign of its growing popularity, searches for emerald green décor are up by 60% at Etsy, the global online marketplace.

Of course, the pandemic had a profound effect on the way we work and live. With so many people forced to work at home, the need for compartmentalised living has risen sharply. With the trend towards hybrid work patterns now established, people have looked towards ways of zoning areas of the home according to different needs. This means that macro areas within the kitchen are being created, such as desk nooks, work-stations – and even ‘Zoom-friendly zones.’ Kitchen spaces that are large enough are now seeing the addition of small desks and sectioned-off work areas. The key aim is to create a seamless flow around the spaces. Even for those who aren’t planning a major kitchen overhaul, simple additions can make all the difference to the kitchen.

And for those who still remain unconvinced by the boom in blue, the news is your numbers are dwindling. This is a trend for everybody. Blues work equally well as a way to freshen up the most traditional Shaker kitchens. Similarly, rich bursts of colour provide depth to the most contemporary of designs, such as handleless styles. Dark blue is also a perfect accompaniment to kitchens with metallic accents.

Seamless Surfaces – A new trend in kitchen design

One of the new top kitchen trends that has really caught the eye over the past year or so is the unification of countertop and backsplash surfaces. Traditionally, the colours homeowners opt for with these two elements have been chosen to contrast. However, there is now a greater recognition that the eyes need a place to rest around the room. If everything is too busy it can have a negative effect. It’s not necessary for every single surface in the kitchen to have a different finish or colour. Unifying the two and creating seamless surfaces can create a stunning, cohesive and clean look – a decidedly contemporary and ultramodern approach.

Veined Marble – The ultimate in marble?

Of course, marble in the kitchen is hardly a new idea. However, it is veined marble which is set to be the major trend for 2022. Cream and dark grey marbles are the shades of choice and the ideal accompaniment is metallic details.

Marble brings a little bit of luxury and as the stone isn’t porous, it brings practical advantages to the table too. It’s true, marble can be expensive but even if you are operating on a shoestring budget, you can still get the look, at least. There are many affordable laminate alternatives. It’s not quite the classic marble countertop –  but it can look very much like the real thing.

Metallic detailing – Be brassy

Brass is definitely on-trend this year. Google searches for brass light fittings and homeware increased by 90% in 2021, so it’s safe to say that brass will be a go-to choice in the kitchen in 2022 for metallic detailing. For many people, brass has always had a classic and timeless appeal. The reasons for this are simple. Brass finishes draw the eye towards your choice of cabinetry. Not only that, brass also adds warmth – especially when paired with darker colours. The look for 2022 is to have cohesion across the piece. Brass handles and hinges, taps – and even statement lighting.

Brass and antique-style metals are the ultimate if you want to create a timeless feel with bags of character in the kitchen.

Practical kitchen trends – Integrated Storage

As ever, some of the most important kitchen trends for the year ahead look set to be practical ideas rather than design-driven ideas. Smart storage is all the rage for 2022. There is now more multi-generational living in UK households than ever before. This is partly due to the pandemic and partly due to financial pressures. Either way, it means that there are now more family members living under the same roof than in previous generations.

Space is always at a premium in the modern family home. However, with households now growing in size, wasted space is something that families can’t afford to have. This is why kitchen designs need to be able to adapt for this shift in living.

Clever, integrated storage solutions are equally useful in small and large kitchens. They ensure that every pot and pan and item have a place and it also provides a systematic approach that bring order and tidiness to the space.

Practical trends – Top Tips

Choosing storage containers that easily stack are the sensible choice. Furthermore, where there is any unused and dead space in the kitchen, the addition of extra shelving is always a good option. Open display shelves are particularly in vogue at present, featuring in many new kitchen designs.

top kitchen trends 5

Colour choices for 2022

In terms of colour choices for interior design, the world really is your oyster in 2022. You will find all the colours in the rainbow – and much more. However, sometimes the old classics are simply the best. To this end, we are not surprised to see that monochrome and two-tone designs back on trend for 2022.

Black and white is making a welcome return to the spotlight, from cabinets to splashbacks. Two-tone designs can be incredibly effective. It comes with a caveat and a word of warning though. As with any aspect of interior design, the trick is to not overdo things. Overkill becomes oppressive, too much, and ruins the overall effect. The advice is to be selective with the statements that you are making in the kitchen.

Darker colours, of course, are best used as accent tones in smaller spaces. Pictures, ornaments or kitchen accessories can be a more subtle way of incorporating bolder pops of colour. If you want to be totally on-trend and even one step ahead of the pack, check out the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2022. This blue/purple shade of ‘Very Peri’ is sure to become a fixture of interior design choices and colour schemes in the year to come.

And to finish…

So, there you have it! All the top kitchen trends for 2022 wrapped up in neat and handy bundle. We are sure you’ll agree that if a dead set on ensuring that your new kitchen design is totally on-trend, you now have all the information you need to get designing. Furthermore, even if a full kitchen refit isn’t on the agenda fore 2022 for you, at least you can take inspiration from some of the great design ideas here. There’s plenty to get your teeth into. Get in touch with the Kitchen Warehouse team if you want to chat about any of the ideas contained in this blog.

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