HBO Max’s Julia makes cooking and kitchens inspirational. –

HBO Max’s Julia staring Sarah Lancaster (previously starring in Last Tango in Halifax), Bebe Neuwirth, and David Hyde Pierce is a wonderful show that shines a warm light on everything I loved about Julia Child.

Sarah Lancaster as Julia

Julia Child is sort of a patron saint of Main Line Kitchen Design as so many of our blogs end with the salutation, she made famous, “Bon Appetit!” I stole her line because her life and her work exemplify the qualities I work to create in our company.

Julia Child was innovative and a pioneer. She had unstoppable enthusiasm for what she loved, and her raison d’etre was teaching it and making it accessible to everyone. HBO’s Julia lovingly makes these traits real and gives us a behind the scenes account of how Julia overcame a world that couldn’t help but embrace her, even if reluctantly.

In our own way, Main Line Kitchen Design strives to make kitchen design accessible. Outside of the work we do for our customers, we publish weekly blogs that are read by approximately 1000 people each day. Our Friday 2 pm to 4 pm help line and podcast also provides FREE design assistance to homeowners from all over the US. Most importantly, our designers enjoy explaining the how’s and why’s behind the design recommendations we make to our customers.

Not all of Julia’s recipes were for everyone, and ALL our kitchen design is advice is seldom taken. But our customers are helped knowing what’s behind our advice just as Julia Child’s devotees were helped learning her techniques – even if they were making a completely different dish!

To celebrate Mother’s Day Main Line Kitchen Design celebrates Julia Child. While Julia never had children herself, she did give birth to a genre and a way of sharing her knowledge that was ahead of its time.

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We further wish to honor Julia by donating $1 to Feeding America in her name for every Facebook like or share of this blog which will be posted on Facebook and boosted to reach as many people as possible. We also salute all the mothers we’ve worked with and will work with in the future.

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Happy Mother’s Day and of course . . .

Bon Appetit!


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